Dominion protection services offers a detailed in-depth security risk analysis of properties free of charge working with all clients to recommend and ensure you have the most efficient security coverage for every site. Our clear and objective analysis can enable our clients to remain operating in often complex and sometimes hostile environments. It reassures staff, enables continuity and safeguards our clients overall profitabily and safety. dominion protection services is an industry leader in security risk assessment and will tailor our services to meet your every requirement. Dominion Protection is one of the only protection firms which offers these services to our clients in our city. In addition our assessment will cover an assessment for potential threats to your site. Questions of safety and security are often asked by corporate executives and high net-worth individuals. DPS provides our clients with rational, practical and effective answers that adhere to the highest levels of safety and security protocols.

Our personal security assessment and recommendations I was designed to evaluate your risks:


Ambience Control, Internal Theft, Workplace Violence, Intentional & Unintentional Injury

The survey also addresses non-deliberate potential threats of:

Illness and Medical Emergencies, Accident Risks, Disaster Control, Direct Safety Functions

For more information regarding security assessments, please contact: